Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 4 - Ft. Sumter, The Market and the Never Ending Walk

We woke early this morning... we had filled out our breakfast request form and left it on our door handle by midnight last night. We went out to the courtyard where we were served fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, tasty bacon and bagels with cream cheese. We also enjoyed wonderful tea and fresh orange juice as we listened to the bells of the local churches. There are a great many churches in this part of Charleston.... dating back to the 1700's. At 10 we drove to the site of the ferry which would take us to Fort Sumter. On the trip we learned that there was much disagreement with the federal government and that the people of South Carolina, as well as other souther states, wanted small federal government and to be able to govern themselves at the state level... which is what they felt the founding fathers had intended. SC was the first state to secede from the union. Republican Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the U.S without a single vote of support from the southern states. It was felt that Lincoln's opinions and purposes were opposed to slavery and that the secession was justified becasue the federal government had encroached on the rights of the sovereign states. SC thought that slaveholding states will lose their power of self government and self protection and that the Fed would become their enemy. There were several federal installations around Charleston Harbor... Fort Sumter being one. In March of 1861 Lincoln was determined to keep federal authority but finally lost out to the Confederacy by April. Major Anderson, who held Fort Sumter with 84 troops without a single casualty finally turned Ft. Sumter over to the General Beauregard of the Confederate Army. It was fascinating to see the actual canons used in the fighting and 5 foor thick walls of the Fort Sumter. Upon our return from Fort Sumter we went to The Market on, where else, but Market Street! Unfortunately this market was not as fantastic as the one in Budapest, Erin, but it was fun to walk through. We could buy grits, rice and tea which were actually products of South Carolina. There were many jewelry vendors and grass weaving individuals who made beautiful bowls and baskets. We came back to the B&B for afternoon tea... actually iced tea, sweet tea and lemonade! We enjoyed some salmon mousse pastries and fresh fruit as well. While Jim went to church next door at St. John The Baptist Cathedral, I went on a walk of Charleston and took LOTS of photos of the beautiful homes' doors. I proceeded to get lost and called Jim for assistance since I had negelected to take a map! It never occurred to me to take out the IPHONE to see where I was! Oh well, I made it back to the B&B and have now rested my VERY weary feet. It is about 8PM and we're headed out for dinner! Went to the Blind Tiger Pub... sat in the courtyard for dinner. We're now back at the B&B and ready to rest p for tomorrow's adventure! What a wonderful day again! Love to all!

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